A Peek Inside the Crafted Studio

One advantage of running a small handmade business is being available to tell my customers the story behind my work and where my products come from. So today I am taking you behind the scenes at Crafted, as well as answering some of my top FAQs!

It all starts with a blank slate, literally! There are no templates, no pre-made designs, or pattern to follow. Just a blank sheet of material and my imagination. I create all of my designs digitally, sometimes starting with a sketch or by diving straight into my computer using favorite program, Adobe Illustrator.

All of my files need to be specially designed to communicate with my laser, so that it knows exactly where to cut or engrave. I never get tired of watching my laser in action (and I've posted lots of Instagram videos for you to enjoy as well!)

When I'm ready to test my designs, some work out right away while others take time to revise through trial and error. (Did you happen to follow along with me through those months and months of designing my poppy earrings?)

I work with wood and acrylic that comes in thin, flat sheets. The shelves of my studio are filled with a rainbow of materials, neatly stacked and waiting to become a new creation. I'm always on the lookout for new materials, but I've got a few fantastic sources I keep going back to. I'm proud to say that I buy my wood from a family run, zero-waste facility called Ocooch Hardwoods, and I'm lucky to have my local Tap Plastics to answer all my weird questions and let me buy lots of great scrap material that they can't use otherwise.

Thanks for joining me for this little peek inside the studio. If you enjoyed learning more about my process let me know, and please pass along ideas for what other behind the scenes content you'd like me to share in the future!


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