Uh Oh...

My friend Michelle reached out to tell me that a tragedy had befallen her favorite pair of Crafted earrings - she had accidentally put them through the washer AND dryer! To both our amazement, the only part of the delicate wooden studs to sustain damage was the glue holding the posts on. Luckily, reattaching or even replacing a stud post is an easy fix, and a common repair to need done. While I don't recommend a wash and dry cycle for your jewelry, it was impressive to see that, overall, my earrings survived this adventure unscathed. 

Accidents happen, and if you are frequently wearing and enjoying your jewelry as much as I hope you are, there are even more chances for a mishap to occur. If it does, don't panic! I'm here, ready with advice and solutions to help restore your treasured pieces, so you can keep enjoying them for years to come. 

One way to help prevent accidents is to keep track of your tiny accessories. I leave small trinket dishes around the house in spots where I am likely to set down my jewelry. It's also helpful to carry a travel container of some kind such as a pouch or small box, whether you are out for the day or heading on a trip.

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